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Fatal Choices

After his dad passes away from cancer, Strive listens to his dad’s strange final request which is to pray to God at church for direction in life. After that Strive must reluctantly prepare to live with his mother who abandoned him 5 years ago because she got tired of being poor after his dad got very sick and lost his job. After his prayer a mysterious old woman interrupts Strive to tell him about his fate as the “Chosen One By God” and that his decisions from this point forward will decide the fate of humanity. When Strive looks away for a second, The old lady disappears leaving a note on the ground and an app on his phone called “Fatal Choices”. Strive soon learns that every choice he makes with the Fatal Choices app can help, destroy, and change the course of the lives of everyone around him. Will Strive use his power for good? Will Strive just have some harmless fun or Will he use this power for evil regardless of the consequences ?

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