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Skate!!! Fire 100

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Etna and her Fire 100 skate crew had a simple plan for the summer: hang out with good friends and skate through every last inch of Juniper, the mountain valley paradise they call home. But Mt. Juniper, the town’s long-dormant volcano has other plans. It’s about to rain fire and brimstone down on their home…that is unless the Fire 100 team can find a way to use their longboarding skills to protect the town from peril! Looks like it’s going to be a crazy summer!

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About the creator


Mallowboo is an illustrator born and raised in NYC. She met Diggymungo in art high school and they both graduated together from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in illustration. When she’s not rewatching Moomin, she’s thinking about eating pancakes.

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About the creator


A cartoonist first, skater second. When Diggy inks he’s usually listening to an anime opening playlist or some Japanese variety show. Nothing beats the coffee that Mallowboo brews!

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